Welcome to danishdemodungeon.dk, your resource for old metaldemos from Denmark. Mostly tapes and a few cd-releases too.

Why am I doing this? Because it’s important! The thousands of metal-demo-cassettes lying around are bound to deteriorate at a point, and I feel there’s a lot of culture in these tapes which we cannot afford to lose.

When hearing those tapes today, I sometimes cringe (well, mostly when hearing my own bands), and a lot seems dated, out of tune, badly played, ”horribly” produced and so on - but that’s just the point. This IS what we did in those days, this IS what we lived for, and this is a big part of who we are today. It’s a trip down memorylane, with so many stories to be told - and retold. And besides, it’s quite refreshing hearing old metal the way it was intended to be - raw, dirty and powerful!

I’m not intending this site to be some sort of demo-pirate-bay (although it’s free), and if I have violated any form of rights please let me know. All bands have been asked for permission, but as there’s a lot of information traveling forth and back I may have missed something along the way. So feel free to contact me if I’ve violated some sort of copyright or if you feel that your band’s music needs to be removed.

And by the way ... the bandpages aren’t complete, so if you notice that I’m missing something, then please contact me!

Sound quality

You’ll notice a difference in sound quality from band to band. I’ve ”ripped” a lot of the demos present on this page, and I usually remove some hiss - and then boost the volume a little. Extensive mastering isn’t applied, just a little touch of overall sonic equalization. Some tapes have been taken from the internet and thus ripped by others - they often lack the volume. Well, just turn up the mortherfucker! If you find something sounds like crap, feel free to tell me - I don’t always have the time (nor the talent) to listen and master very carefully.


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Main contributors

Michel Kruszelnicki (demos, magazine scans and general buttkicking)
Peter M Voigt (demos)
Heine Paaske (mr. taperecorder)

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