Sardonic Death



Sardonic Death was the first grindcore band in Denmark. We began making music around 1985, playing some kind of acoustic, noise punk, but in 1987 we got access to real instruments, and began rehearsing. We wanted to play fast and we wanted to play rough.We had been blown away by Napalm Death's Scum, Lärm's Straight On View, Cryptic Slaughter's Money Talks and Wehrmacht's Shark Attack, and tried our best to join this scene of fastcore. We were not very good musicians, but we had some good times, playing the infamous Trash Nights in Ribe. We even got Agathocles to play there, their first gig outside Belgium.People sometimes ask about the demo, and we felt it was about time to put this remastered version out for all to hear.Enjoy.Peace + LoveJanus 2012Sardonic Death were:Erik - GuitarRaz - VocalsKenneth - DrumsJanus - BassRecorded at Riamuf, Ribe April 1st 1991.Remastered by Peter Max-Jakobsen 2006All songs by Sardonic Death apart from Teachers by Agathocles.


Celestial mindwarp”, 1991


1) Inner struggle
2) Suicidal scarecrow
3) Wrath of the grapes
4) Daily news
5) Teachers
6) Stupidity
7) Racist
8) The edge of the grave
9) Escaping minds
10) Plane
11) The headless shadow