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The band

Thomas Andersen, guitar
Flemming C. Lund (Arcane Order, Raunchy), guitar
Egil Madsen, drums
Torsten Madsen (Decrial, Slugs), vocals
Boris Tandrup (Submission, Arcane Order, Into Dementia), bass


”Hope springs Eternal”, 1995

1) On the verge of tears
2) Forever the destiny
3) Hope springs eternal
4) Weakening trip

”Embraced by the absolute”, 1997

Autumn Leaves’ first full-length
Autumn Leaves - Embraced by the Absolute - Front
1) Blood
2) Forever the destiny
3) Universal flood
4) On the verge of tears
5) Rise from your nest
6) Serpent
7) Hope springs eternal
8) The surface anger
9) Weakening trip
10) Embraced by the absolute

”As night conquers day”, 1999

Autumn Leaves’ second full-length
Autumn Leaves  - Night Conquers Day 1999
1) The reign supreme
2) Revolution 21
3) Another day, another demon
4) Empty black stare
5) Resigning from life
6) As night conquers day
7) Autumn fever
8) The present past
9) Shadowland
10) The discovery